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There are a lot of misconceptions and ideas that we associate with the term “hackers”. Do they sit in the dark with their supercomputers and snicker everytime they break into a system? Then what about ethical hackers who actually help you discover vulnerabilities in your security system so you can better protect your data and brand energy? Truth is, there are a number of different types of hackers, each one having a different set of objectives, intentions, and skills. Let's familiarize ourselves with some of the different types of hackers that you may encounter in the cyber world:


White hat hackers, also referred to as ethical hackers, are professionally trained hackers that operate within the legal boundaries. These hackers are certified computer science or security professionals that test your servers and websites to identify vulnerabilities that may be potentially exploited by malicious hackers.


Black hat hackers, or crackers, are the hackers with malicious intent that break into your system by exploiting weaknesses in the defense and then steal your private information, particularly related to finances. They do not seek permission from the relevant authorities before hacking into the system and their goal is to illegally cause some type of harm to the victim, by either stealing their sensitive information, putting it behind a ransom, causing irreparable damage to the website, or blocking communication.


Grey hats, on the other hand, neither use their hacking skills to do good nor do they use it for bad purposes such as stealing your credit card number. Constituting the majority of the world of hackers, grey hat hackers, they may hack into and damage a website or two for the sake of fun but their goal is not to target particular businesses and organizations and cause them harm. All they want is some good rapport and appreciation of their skills in the hacking community.


Script kiddies are not very highly skilled professional or expert hackers, but they can sure cause a lot of trouble. They have a little understanding behind existing hacking tools and they exploit them to their advantage. This means that they download and use hacking tools that have been created and coded by other hackers. They either employ the use of these pre packaged tools or they copy the code and use it as injections and such by getting only some basic knowledge about how the code works.


As signalled by the name, red hat hackers tend to be much more aggressive as compared to other kinds of hackers. Like white hat hackers, they help you to protect your servers and websites but instead of simply amping up your security, they try to destroy the black hat hacker who is trying to exploit your weak defense. They usually deal with the more sensitive and secret category such as working with government agencies.


Green hat hackers are the novices that are striving to become professional hackers but still lack the full skillset needed to go pro.