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How do I pay for these services?

Compare Hackers is completely free to use, we collect a referral fee from our approved hackers for connecting you.

Will I be satisfied?

We offer a 100% satisfacton gaurantee. We are so sure of this because all of our cyber security experts have at least a 4.5 star rating from thousands of clients. If you're not satisfied then you can open a dispute with the hacker or intermediary directly.

Is this service anonymous?

Yes, your details are kept safe and are permanently deleted after referral. We will never communicate with you after referral unless you are dissatisfied with the service or have any issues.

I haven’t done anything like this before, will you provide support?

Yes, we offer full support during your enquiry. We make sure that your referral is completed and that you are satisfied with the order. If you are unsure on anything then you can email us after completing our quote form.

Why did you create this service?

You would be surprised at how many individuals like you are actively searching for hacking services. We decided to create Compare Hackers to link you to hackers with proven credentials. If you are inexperienced then it can be hard to decipher genuine hackers from those who are not. It's important that you stay safe online, thus leading to the creation of